Wood fiber

Raw material

Wood fiber is a natural raw material, which we buy in from wood planing mills. We only process white wood types, especially pine wood (Epicea Abies) from Scandinavian countries. This guarantees a constant colour and quality. To your liking we can add natural odours and colours to the wood fiber, like: Apple, Lemon, Lavender, Strawberry and Pinewood.


The product comes in as wood chips. In our factory the fiber is checked for the correct moisture levels and for the presence of odd substances in the raw material. With the aid of a sieve the raw material is filtered. With the sieve the coarse chips (the so-called wood fiber) are separated from small chips. Depending on the wishes of our customers natural fragrances and colorants can be added to the wood fiber.


Wood fiber is particularly suitable as ground cover. Along with hay and straw it makes your little nibbler feel fully at ease in his home. Moisture level is Σ12%, made from white pine.

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