100 years fleuren group

For more than a century, Fleuren Fourage & Transport has been the reliable partner in the field of quality straw and hay.

In 1919 the founder Antoon Gerardus Fleuren moves into the Batenburg mill at the age of 31. As a tenant he starts a mill and flour trade under the name Firma A.G. Fleuren.

In 1930 Fleuren moves with his family to Bergharen, to the Hogeweg A 194, where he buys a farm, with café and mill. The mill was continuously modernized from 1936 to 1958. The sons also come to work in the company under the name Firma A.G. Fleuren and Sons.

In 1963 A.G. Fleuren died and his sons took over the business until 1972, when Wim and Henk Fleuren started the company Fleuren B.V. the main activity of which is the trade in roughage, hay and straw, and manure. From 1988, the 3rd generation takes control.

Changing market conditions in the mid-1980s forced Fleuren to anticipate this by differentiating and developing new activities that are now the pillars that shape the current company.

Our vision for the future

The current generation of shareholders would like the family business to continue to exist in its diversity. Knowledge of the surrounding countries in terms of trade customs, culture and language are invariably prerequisites for trading. Monitoring quality and providing service must be inextricably linked to this in order for this to be successful.

The older generations have had to develop mutual trust, joint strength and flexibility to anticipate the challenges and changes that the future times and the changes that will bring with them.

We attach great importance to the fact that these principles are also carried by the next generation. Half of it is already in the genes, the rest is a matter of steering, learning and trusting each other’s qualities.