Raw material

Straw is the residual product of a cereal. The stems of this plant are pressed and the end result is called straw. We use various kinds of straw, in particular wheat straw and barley straw. We test and approve the straw based on its color, see if it is not moldy and check if it does not contain extraneous matter.


After threshing the straw is compressed into large bales, which are transported to our factory by our own fleet. The straw can be cut by using a baler.


Straw is the ideal ground cover for the housing of rodents. On the soft and springy surface of the straw, which rodents can gnaw on and curl themselves in up, they will feel completely at home. Dry straw maintains and regulates the temperature. Straw is soft, optimally cleansing and highly absorbent. The resin layer, which sits on the stalk of straw, has an odor binding effect on ammonia, which is in the urine of your pet. Good straw has a pretty hard structure. Straw is golden yellow in color.

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