Durability & quality

To Fleuren Presspack B.V. continuity and quality are top priorities. We will do everything possible to permanently maintain and improve these two aspects. Below you can read how Fleuren Presspack B.V. permanently improves the care for our product and our employees.

Making these aspects top priority results in high-quality products for all of our customers and in the first place for the animals using them.


Fleuren Presspack B.V. is always optimizing its products to be able to respond to the continuously changing demands from the market.

  • All our production lines are double equipped to always ensure a 100% delivery guarantee. We are constantly looking for possible improvements and when found they immediately will be implemented in our production processes.
  • Through years of experience in the field of hay, straw, pellets and fibers we are always able to meet the demands of all of our customers with regards to soil litters and feedstuff.
  • In our 10.000m2 warehouse we can store so much raw materials that we guarantee a continuous supply of our high quality products


Quality starts at the source and that is where we get our raw materials. Because we buy our raw materials directly form the source we have the best quality materials first-hand. Hay and straw are bought from farmers who we have a relationship with for more than 30 years and who are familiar with the quality that we, and our customers, desire.

  • Fleuren Presspack B.V. is ISO-22000 certified, thus we meet all legal requirements in terms of safety and quality of our products and processes.
  • Wood chips come directly from planing mills and are delivered in a sealed container. We sieve the wood chips in our factory. By maintaining total control over the production of wood pellets and fibers, we can ensure continuous, qualitative and dust-proof products.

At Fleuren Presspack we produce all of our products under a single roof. We posses highly modern machinery that enables us to continuously satisfy the desires and needs of our customers. Our machinery is equipped with:

  • Checkweighers, to package all products in the right amounts with the right weights.
  • Magnetic strips, to ensure our products don’t contain any harmful metal parts.
  • Dedusters, to keep dust and small debris out of our products.

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